Every product that ends up in the GRIPPS catalogue goes through a strenuous program of ongoing product testing. Although we end up destroying alot of perfectly good gear, it allows us to:

  • Ensure consistent quality, look & feel across the entire product range,
  • Discover any potential weak points in prototype designs,
  • Find the absolute limitations of our products, and
  • Prove ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 conformity 

It's All About Quality Control

 With the large number of new products coming out of prototyping and into production, we decided to bring all product testing in-house, allowing us to test a much larger percentage of the gear that goes in and out our doors. 

GRIPPS Product Testing

Along with a lab-freezer and oven, allowing us to test products under ambient conditions of -40ºC up to 200ºC, we had a custom built test rig delivered, allowing us to stage dynamic drop tests and static pull tests from a height for 2.6 meters. 

How To Make The Strongest Bags In The World

By testing all of our products to absolute failure, we sometimes find situations where products don't fail in the ways you'd expect. For example, we wanted to test the strength of the velcro we use in our Mule Bags.

Assuming that the velcro would be the weakest point in the bag, we were surprised when we loaded up the Mule Bag with 246KG of weigh, that the welded metal lug failed first - well before the velcro even started showing signs of fatigue!

Testing the GRIPPS Mule Bag