GRIPPS is proud to announce the launch of our latest product – the newly updated Bull Bag.

The original Stop the Drops Bull Bag was an industry favourite. Embraced by teams across the country, it provided the durability and the carrying capacity workers needed to get any job done.

None of that has changed.  

The new GRIPPS branded Bull Bag is designed smarter and built tougher than anything that has come before it. Ideal for carrying everything from large tools to bolts and other small components, there’s no better choice for your jobsite.

Designed for your workday

The vast majority of injuries and fatalities attributable to dropped tools occur during transportation, not use. Our Bull Bag is designed to be a comprehensive tool transportation solution, helping you get from the tool shed to your worksite safely, quickly and conveniently.

We’re proud to say that our first product under the GRIPPS brand is aimed squarely at minimising the risks around one of the most dangerous areas on jobsites for dropped tool incidents. It’s part of our philosophy to deliver products that meet the needs of workers better than anyone else. In a nutshell, we don’t build anything you don’t need. For our design team, step zero is always making sure that we understand what problems workers are facing and what challenges they’re up against.

Built as tough as you

For big, tough jobs you need a big, tough bag, and that’s exactly what our new Bull Bag is. Carrying up to 113 kilograms safely, it’s the choice for jobs of every size.

You can’t afford equipment failures on the worksite, so GRIPPS has designed the Bull Bag from the ground up with a number of fail-safes and reinforcements to minimise the chance of dropped tools and objects.

An extra heavy-duty oil-repellent vinyl exterior protects your cargo from damage while a strong composite insert in the base of the bag prevents internal punctures and protects you from injury. Built in load-rated tether anchor points within the bag allow it to act as a hub for your workday. Tether everything you need right to the bag, carry or crane it into position and you’re ready to go. Once you’re at your work station, the provided heavy-duty dual-action karabiner allows you to anchor it safely.

When you’re working at heights, you need to know that everything is within reach without risking a drop. That’s why we’ve built our Bull Bag with a mesh lid that lets light into the bag, sealed with a heavy-duty Velcro closure and an innovative locking feature. The result is a bag that lets you find your tools faster, while protecting against unwanted opening and accidental spills.

Make the smarter choice for your workday. Keep your workmates safe and your tools within reach with help from GRIPPS.

Supporting you however you work

Our Bull Bag is a versatile, multi-functional addition to any workplace. Suitable for both sole traders and large teams, it helps you transport and use your tools safer than ever.

Rope access technicians will love its durability and high carrying-capacity. Just fill the Bull Bag with the power tools, hand tools and equipment you need for your workday, tether each tool to the internal load-rated tether anchors, clip the whole bag to your harness and up you go. Rope access technician is a high-risk role – ensure your guys are well protected with GRIPPS. When switching tools, they can’t afford to be tethering and untethering tools on the go. The Bull Bag’s wide mouth allows them to simply drop tools into the bag and pull new ones out with ease, ensuring they’re always good to go – no fiddling with tethers, belts or other storage devices.

Scaffolding teams will also love the Bull Bag. Fill it with all the tools your team needs, crane it into position and anchor the bag to the worksite using the dual-action karabiner. Scaffolders can then just grab whatever they need and get to work – meaning less fuss and a smoother workday. All tethering can be done well in advance directly to the bag itself, simplifying and enhancing safety without affecting productivity.

Get equipped at GRIPPS

The Bull Bag is only part of the first wave of new GRIPPS products. Even though we’re now trading as GRIPPS, we’ll continue to sell the tried, tested and trusted Stop the Drops range, while continuing to develop new and exciting tools and  equipment under the GRIPPS branding. These new products will complement and extend the functionality of our range, offering workers new ways to get the job done while still making work safer, smarter and more productive.

If you’d like to take this journey with GRIPPS, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know all about the exciting products that are on the horizon.