Every morning, people all around the globe go to work in potentially dangerous jobs. Whether they’re washing windows, installing scaffolding or working at an oil & gas installation, millions of people are required by their role to work at often extreme heights.

With few exceptions, these people are going to be equipped with the essentials for working at heights – ropes, harnesses, anchorage connectors amongst others – but this doesn’t mean that they have everything they need. Working at heights comes with numerous risks – while falls are a significant cause of injury and death, they are not the sole cause.


The problem: Inadequate dropped tool prevention systems

Dropped tools are a significant risk not only to workers on the site, but passers-by on adjacent streets. Over the last decade, dropped tools continue to be a major cause of serious injury and death in Australia. Safe Work Australia identified dropped objects as fourth largest cause of fatalities and the third largest cause for serious injury claims in 2017, meaning they should be on everyone’s radar.

Despite these numbers, many organisations simply don’t understand what more they can do beyond the prescribed minimum. Often the only safety measures deployed will be secondary safety measures such as toeboards, railing and debris netting that only become effective after the tool has travelled a certain distance from the owner.

This is a risk in and of itself as any unintended movement of tools at heights could be dangerous, even if caught before they hit the ground.

The solution: GRIPPS

If you’re committed to helping to build a safer working environment for workers in your area, start by providing them with the right tools.

GRIPPS is a respected Australian company dedicated to developing more effective safety solutions for people working at heights.

We recognise and understand the risk that dropped tools pose to workers both at home and around the world and have focused our efforts on the production of products and educational materials that help more people go home safely.

We take a fundamentally different approach to the issue of dropped tools. At GRIPPS, we believe that toeboards and debris netting aren’t enough – not only are they an incomplete solution, but they require workers to leave their position to retrieve their tools.

Instead, we design and develop systems that ensure that the tool never leaves the worker’s person. We offer a full range of durable, load-rated tethers, anchors and tool connectors that ensure that when a worker does lose grip on their tool, it’s safely caught and can be easily retrieved. This collection is supplemented by our range of holsters and tool belts, as well as an industry first – gloves and wristbands equipped with a fully load-certified integrated tether. We also offer a range of bags and pouches ideal for moving loose items by hand, crane or EWP.

Join a global community of exceptional businesses

GRIPPS products are already in use around the globe by some of the world’s most respected and technologically advanced companies. Businesses as diverse as oil & gas giant ExxonMobil and international mining corporation RioTinto use the GRIPPS range every day across multiple sites, keeping thousands of workers both in Australia and across Asia, Europe and the Americas safer every day.

Notably, GRIPPS has been heavily involved in the Prelude FLNG project. A joint venture of Royal Dutch Shell, KOGAS, and Inpex, it was recognised upon completion in 2017 as the world’s largest floating liquefied natural gas platform, as well as the largest offshore facility in history.

With a crew of up to 240 and a height of more than 100 metres, its owners recognised the importance of ensuring that safety procedures were the best they could be. Operating roughly 250 nautical miles (460 kilometres) north of Broome in the tempestuous Timor Sea, the need to minimise injury on Prelude FLNG was paramount, as help could be hours away by air. As such, GRIPPS has been working closely with Shell to ensure that the facility is properly equipped with dropped tool prevention equipment, helping to ensure maximum productivity while protecting workers against injury and death.

The result has been a safer, more productive working environment. With production on Prelude FLNG beginning in December 2018, GRIPPS looks forward to a continuing relationship with this exceptional company on this exciting project.

If you’d like to be a part of the future of workplace health and safety and join an international community of businesses and professionals, enquire with GRIPPS today about becoming a reseller via email at sales@gripps.com.au.