Electricity is a significant killer on Australian jobsites. Between 2012 and 2016, 34 workers lost their lives on Australian jobsites in incidents relating to contact with electricity.

At GRIPPS, we strive to help people across the country go home safely every night. We’re proud to offer a range of high-quality products designed specifically for working with electricity. Our collection of non-conductive tether anchors, tool connectors and tethers can be assembled into reliable, functional and load-rated tether systems that suit your precise application and support the functionality of your tools.

We've put together some common scenarios of working with live electricity at height, alongside the specific non-conductive gear needed to keep you covered at height while you get the job done.

Test with confidence

A major component of creating a safe environment for workers is ensuring that all electrical equipment and infrastructure is well maintained and in good working order. Key to this ongoing maintenance is regular testing by a competent person.

Testing is not without its dangers – by its very nature the device under testing (DUT) needs to be energised, creating the risk of electrocution. Simultaneously, electrical testing often involves working at heights to reach critical systems, meaning that the chance of a dropped tool incident is always present.

Ensure that you’re properly protected from the risk of working with live electricity and that the chance of tool drop is minimised by choosing the GRIPPS range for you and your workplace. We offer a comprehensive solution for electrical testers across the country in the E-Catch.

Designed specifically for use with handheld electrical devices such as mobile phones, tablets and testing equipment such as voltage testers and ohmmeters, it ensures that your equipment is always secured against drops. Made from durable and resilient non-conductive materials and applied using industrial grade adhesive it delivers the strongest grip on your equipment possible while still being fully hot-swappable between different tethers. Combine it with a tether anchor and load-rated tether from our non-conductive collection and you have a flexible and versatile solution for anyone required to use a handheld device at heights

Invaluable for powerline technicians

Lineworkers perform an essential job in the Australian economy. Everything – from the cash register at the local café to the laser cutter at the factory down the street – relies on continuous supply of electricity to operate. There are few people who play a more direct role in keeping Australian businesses running.

But it’s a job that’s as dangerous as it is necessary. Often lineworkers will be required to work around cables carrying hundreds of thousands of volts, making the risk of death from electrocution very real.

Equally, the nature of their job requires them to often work at great heights. Considering the extremely technical nature of their work, a lineworker needs to carry a significant number of tools and a large amount of replacement components. With so much gear required at such a height, the risk of a dropped tool incident is real. And with a 100 gram bolt able to fracture a skull when dropped from a 50-metre tall powerline tower, everything you carry up the tower needs to be considered.

For lineworkers and anyone else required to work with live currents at heights, GRIPPS has the solution. We offer end-to-end non-conductive tool tethering solutions designed for use with a wide range of hand tools and power tools. Our adjustable wrist anchor gives you a fully load-rated tether point on a comfortable wrist strap - made with industrial grade velcro, it repels dust, grime, grease and other materials that could degrade the strength of the hold.

Next, connect it to our non-conductive coil wrist tether, allowing you to safely carry a range of tools. The extra-tick PU-coating on the coil makes it heat and abrasion resistant - the perfect choice for even the toughest working environments, making it the strong and reliable lifeline you need between you and your tools.

Finally, hook the tether into our non-conductive tool catch, built with tactical nylon for superior resistance to breaking. Once attached attached to the tool of your choice with our durable, self-vulcanizing V-Gripp tape, you have a fully load-rated tether point on your tool.

We even provide a non-conductive tether for your hard hat that don’t feature a chin strap, helping you ensure your PPE is doing its job. These systems are offered in a range of configurations and load-ratings, allowing you to build precisely the system you need to get the job done.

Your role and your tools are unique - get drop protection equipment that reflects that. Choosing the GRIPPS product line means choosing a safer way to carry a wide range of tools in the dangerous and challenging environment. Browse the full range of non-conductive tool tethering equipment from GRIPPS today.

GRIPPS - Engineered for working with electricity

Whether you’re an independent technician testing electrical equipment at industrial facilities or a lineworker employed on large infrastructure projects, GRIPPS wants to support you.

We provide not only an exceptional range of products designed to make working at heights safer and more efficient, but the education and training courses needed to make full use of our equipment.

If you’re interested in learning about what GRIPPS can offer you and your business, please make a general enquiry via email at conquergravity@gripps.com.au. For bulk/special orders, contact us at sales@gripps.com.au.