In 2019, Stop the Drops is transforming. We’re dedicated to keeping workers everywhere secure, ensuring more people can go home safe each and every day. To that end, we’ve developed some of the world’s leading dropped object protection systems, designed and built to deliver exceptional performance in even the toughest conditions.

None of that is changing. In 2019, we want to help workers at more job sites and installations to benefit from industry-leading safety technology. We’re entering new markets with innovative products and a fresh approach to working at heights that enhances safety without affecting productivity. In short, we’ll be doing the same thing we’ve always done – just more of it.

To reflect our expanded focus, we’ve rebranded. As of 2019, Stop the Drops will be known as GRIPPS. Developed after extensive research and consultation with people in Australia and around the world who work at heights every day, GRIPPS is a brand that we’re proud to stand behind. It represents our dedication to close collaboration with the people most important to our brand.

This new brand will be carried by all of our future products and be at the core of our educational and strategic partnership services. If you already know and love our current range, you’ll still be able to access our existing products under the Stop the Drops branding, which will remain proudly owned and distributed by GRIPPS.

As a name, GRIPPS reflects our desire to provide workers everywhere with control and certainty in their work, helping them get on with it instead of worrying if their safety measures are sufficient. It’s a journey we can only take with our customers – join us in helping to make your worksite safer, more productive and efficient, and feel confident that you and your team are protected at work with GRIPPS.

A modern approach for a global industry

GRIPPS is more than just a manufacturer of class-leading working at heights safety equipment – we’re building a platform for cultural change across all global industries that operate at height, with a focus on the construction, mining and energy industries.

In many jurisdictions – including our home of Australia – workplace health and safety legislation does not provide the level of detail site managers need to build and implement effective and comprehensive dropped tool prevention plans. Guidelines may be provided, but in many cases what is required by law is unclear or unstated.

This can be especially worrisome when the risk posed by dropped tools and objects is so thoroughly understood. In 2017, dropped objects were the fourth largest cause of fatalities on work sites, and the third largest cause for serious claims in Australia according to Safe Work Australia – the national statutory body responsible for enforcing workplace health and safety regulations.

The need is sharpened by the fact that construction, energy and mining are all going through periods of growth and transition. In 2018, Orbis Research predicted that the industry will expand by 3.6% per year between 2018 and 2022 to a final global value of $12.7 trillion US dollars. Expanding similarly are the global mining and energy industries. PwC’s Mine 2018 report found that mining company revenues increased 23% to $600 billion US dollars in 2017, as the energy sector continues to be transformed by falling renewables costs.

Amidst this period of explosive growth comes new challenges which can be only be met effectively with an innovative and modern approach. Combined with a growing awareness of the danger of dropped objects but a dearth of information about how to control them, the construction, energy and mining industries are in dire need of guidance and support on this crucial issue.

Focused on keeping you safe

Fundamentally, our pivot towards the GRIPPS branding reflects our desire to take our company to another level. Our goal is take an organisation that started as a manufacturer of safety products and turn it into an international research, development and education centre focused solely on the creation of innovative safety solutions, becoming a partner in safety to businesses around the world.

We’re accomplishing this in two ways. Firstly, we’re refining and relaunching our education program as Target: Zero Drops. Dropped tools are a real risk to millions of workers, and at GRIPPS we want to be part of developing the solution. In 2019, businesses will be able to embark on a comprehensive, five-step journey to building a safer workforce through a fully customisable and modular program delivered on site. Inclusive of site auditing, awareness programs, training courses, communication packages and ongoing KPI assessments, it’s the smarter way to work towards protecting your site or project against dropped objects.

Secondly, we’re launching a new collection of products that augments and extends the capabilities of our existing range. Developed in accordance with the GRIPPS Global Standard – one of the world’s strictest testing standards for dropped object prevention equipment – our new line of products will be a significant upgrade on existing Stop the Drops products and are unlike anything else on the market.

At GRIPPS, our goal is to allow workers to do things safely at heights that they never could before, making work faster, more productive and more satisfying all while keeping you and your team protected. The GRIPPS line of products will be specially designed with the end user in mind. Engineered specifically for ease of use and appeal, our tools are easier to fit into an existing toolkit and more attractive for workers everywhere.

For those who already use the Stop the Drops line of products in their workdays; don’t worry, that range isn’t going anywhere. Our goal for 2019 is building on past successes – not replacing them – so expect to see exciting new products alongside our existing range.

Designed in Australia to be used around the world

Choosing GRIPPS for your company means choosing a brand that’s been tested, tested and tested again by some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Designed in Australia by an experienced team and subject to some of the most stringent manufacturing standards in the industry, the GRIPPS line of product is ready for anything.

We’re proud to say we’ve helped more than 100,000 Australians work smarter and safer day in, day out. Our product line is in use across a wide range of industries that operate at heights including construction, oil & gas, commercial maintenance and power.

We know that products developed for the Australian landscape are more than a match for any job, anywhere, on any day. If you’ve got a tough job, give your team the best and choose GRIPPS for your next project.

Learn how you can “Conquer Gravity” with GRIPPS. To learn more about the brand and to browse our existing range of products, please visit our website. You can also get in touch with the GRIPPS team via email at or over the phone on (61) 3 8383 9458.