Founded in 1993 with a national focus, GRIPPS™ - Formerly Technique® – works closely with partners across a wide range of industry sectors, engineering solutions to ensure that their workforce returned home safely after each shift. This close alliance with industry allows us to benefit from constant clarification and refinement, with a focus on delivering tangible benefits to our clients through meaningful safety solutions. It is this refinement that has resulted in Gripps™ becoming the world leading tool tethering company that we are today.

Our safety initiatives are actively in use across the construction, oil and gas, utilities and mining sectors - not only within Australia, but also across projects in North America, the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the UK.

We have dedicated ourselves to developing and refining safety solutions that assist industry in tackling one of the biggest hazards facing the modern workforce: dropped objects. With this comes a strong customer focus, that forms the core of our organisation’s culture. Our product mix, innovative designs and strategic partnership program have been born out of recognised needs. We listen to what we hear from our customers and partners, and each evolution of our products is shaped accordingly.

We are committed to partnering with industry through the construction and maintenance of long term, mutually beneficial relationships. Our mission is underpinned by our values of integrity, quality and total customer satisfaction.

Our Purpose

Deliver innovative solutions for safer work environments.

Our Vision

To conquer the impact of gravity on-site.

Our Company Values

We believe in always looking forward, striving to find better, smarter and more innovative solutions.

Through listening we learn, grow and develop empathy. We believe in listening and doing, rather than avoiding challenges, no matter how tough.

We are alert, open to opportunities and quick to act. We do not believe in standing still.

When it comes to safety, it is 100% or nothing. This is the principle that drives us to be reliable at every touch point and stakeholder engagement.

Work Together
We believe in “better together”. We work together as a united team leveraging our resources to craft outstanding outcomes.


GRIPPS® drives efficiency through safety, mitigating the risks of death, injury, and cost to your site or project.